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She started to play the piano at the age of two. And by the age of 9 she wrote her first song, in English. By the time she was 13 she also played guitar and signed her first publishing deal as a singer songwriter.

She made her debut on Dutch national radio to be followed by Hollands biggest Talk show ‘De wereld draait door’. And, barely 16 she starred in the Bose Commercial which was broadcasted in the Netherlands, Italy and the USA.

When writing for herself, Loren writes catchy pop songs with a melodramatic touch. Thoughtful ballads and Waltzes that get under your skin.

Her talents as a writer are to be called unique and very versatile. For the Swiss Lingerie Brand Beldona she both wrote and sung the track for the 2016 Christmas Commercial. The commercial still holds the most views of any ‘Beldona’ campaign up to now.

For Sony Brazil DJ ‘FTampa’ she co-wrote the song ‘Glowing’ reaching over 12 million streams on Spotify alone. She wrote the Title song of a new upcoming Fremantle TV Show as well as several tracks for both the German and the Austrian Eurovision Song Contest Contestants.

Musically inspired by the 50s but a true millennial child.

A creative soul is what best describes Loren Nine. A passion for music which is infectious to anyone who works with her.



- Möwe - Insane

- The great escape – FreeG

- This should be over - Robert Falcon

- Messed up – Arston

- Skylights – IntresstandLouis



L.N. Geerts

- Natia Todua - My Own Way ESC

- Xavier Darcy - Jonah ESC

- Xavier Darcy - Civil War

- Let me - Continuum

- Glowing – FTampa

- Glad IJs- Isabelle A

- The great escape – FreeG




- BOSE / The Voice Commercial

- Live @ Dutch Talk show DWDD

- Support for Caro Emerald in the

   UK & AFAS Live 2018

- Over 1 Million Streams Who needs you

- Who needs you in 'Singel 39' the movie


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I do (really like you) May 10th

The long awaited new Single from Loren Nine's upcoming album is called I do (really like you) and will be available on all streaming and download portals from May 10th.

Make sure to be the first to hear the song by following Loren Nine on Spotify!

Loren Nine on BBC Radio

Who needs you was played on BBC Radio by Janice Long.  The actual radio promotion in the UK has yet to start. Many news coming your way in 2019!

Who needs you reaches 1.000.000 streams

Speechless, proud, grateful. The song released just in time for the UK Tour has now reached over 1.000.000 streams and still increasing. So many people have newly discovered Loren Nine's music. And yes, this spring there will be new material released.

Who needs you in Dutch Movie Singel 39

Loren Nine's hauntingly beautiful piano ballad can now be heard in the Dutch Movie Singel 39 that is in cinema's from May 9th.




Loren Nine on tour with Caro Emerald

Thank you Caro Emerald & Grandmono for offering

Loren Nine this great opportunity to introduce herself and

 her music to an amazing new audience.

Grandmono sent out the press release yesterday stating:


We are proud to announce Loren Nine will be Caro Emerald’s

 supporting act during her upcoming UK tour and show in

AFAS Live in Amsterdam. Loren is a very talented Dutch

singer songwriter and we are very excited she will be joining us

on the new Caro Emerald tour.


singer featuring artist songwriter


April 2019 Austria


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